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Law Firm Website Design

Atlas Agency is a marketing company that provides lawyers with professional web design services. Whether your practice area is family law, personal injury or corporate law, we have extensive experience in providing all types of law firms with professional websites.

We provide lawyers with websites that connect you to leads, engages potential clients, and converts those leads into clients. Bring your website and it's abilities into the here and now by modernizing, updating, and equipping it with the latest in web design. Our marketing strategy will ensure your website is up to date while also enhancing the user experience

Custom Made Websites

Our web design services provide a smooth transition between webpages and minimal loading time. This will enable your website to be easily accessible and responsive, whether on the mobile or on the web.

Hosting & Security

All our web designs are HTTPS secured, so the integrity and confidentiality of data between the user's computer and the website are always secure.

Mobile Optimization

Potential clients will be using their phones and other devices to find a lawyer that they can depend on, so a website that is mobile friendly and able to be viewed on multiple devices is crucial.

Launch with Confidence

The Importance of Web Design

We are constantly educating ourselves on the latest in website development and technologies. Atlas Agency in Toronto wants to stay ahead of the game by providing all our lawyer and law firm clients with professional and reliable website designs.

If you're considering building a custom website for your law firm, consider this, if a website is not appealing to your online consumers, 88% of them will turn away and never visit it again. As a professional law firm, you need something more than your basic WordPress design in order to attract leads and also keep them on your website.

It's part of your job to legally protect your clients, and it's our job to protect your website and those who view it. Website visitors expect a secure and private online experience, and web page design for lawyers is no different. All our web designs are HTTPS secured, so the integrity and confidentiality of data between the user's computer and the website are always secure.


Based on the vision and direction of your business, we will design and customize a website that reflects your law firm's personality and theme. This process is iterative and requires multiple consultations to get it right.

Once your web design has been agreed upon, we implement our Custom React platform to ensure a sleek and efficient website. This will start ranking you on Google and will set the stage for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without the right design, you could be wasting your time and money on inefficient SEO.

Get Started

Each client's requests, needs, and goals for web design is different based upon the size, clientele, and location of each business. We quote your website based on the number of pages you’d like to have. During your consultation, we provide a detailed cost break down. After the initial scheduled call, we can provide you with a quote after one business day.

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